Register as an issuer

While anyone can generate a keyfile they can use to issue QR codes for internal purposes only, in order to actually have you QR codes scan on the main scan page, you must register with Vax.Codes so your issuer public key can be included in the recognized issuers list.

This is the keyfile you previously generated and saved to your computer.
Replace the "REPLACE_ME" with your organization name, phone number, email, and website.
WARNING: When you register, your issuer contact info will be public in our issuers page.
If you don't want to have one of the fields above be public, replace "REPLACE_ME" with "Not Provided".
If you don't anything to be public, self-host your own private version of Vax.Codes (it's open source!).
This should open in your default email client so you can send it directly from your email.
If it doesn't, copy the above message and email it to with the subject "Register".

Forgot your Issuer ID?
Search the issuers list for your registration.

Want to register with a public key you generated locally?
Provide your public key .asc in Step 1 instead of a keyfile.

Want to check on the status of an existing registration request?
Email with the subject "What's the status of my registration?"

Want to add or remove a public key from your existing registration?
Email with the subject "I need to modify my registration" and include the public key in the message body.