Create a new group

Just like registering a new issuer, you must email us with information about your group so that we can include it in our recognized groups list.

Replace the "REPLACE_ME" with your organization name, phone number, email, and website.
WARNING: When you create a new group, your contact info will be public in our groups page.
If you don't want to have one of the fields above be public, replace "REPLACE_ME" with "Not Provided".
If you don't anything to be public, self-host your own private version of (it's open source!).
This should open in your default email client so you can send it directly from your email.
If it doesn't, copy the above message and email it to with the subject "Create Group".

Forgot your Group ID?
Search the groups list for your group.

Want to check on the status of an existing group creation request?
Email with the subject "What's the status of my group creation?"

Want to edit something for your already created group?
Email from your group email with the subject "I need to modify my group" and include the details you want to change.